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2023-2024 GED Grads
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Our Mission: Building skills and enriching lives through literacy in Lapeer County and surrounding areas. 

The Family Literacy Center began in 1980 when the Imlay City Christian Reform Church saw a need to help refugees learn English. Back then, it was small, but it grew into a nonprofit group called the Volunteer Tutor Association. Over time, they partnered with the Lapeer County Library and moved to Lapeer. Their focus shifted to helping adults with low literacy levels and those wanting to learn English. In 2011, they settled at 311 Higgins Street in Lapeer.

As the years passed, the Family Literacy Center adapted to meet the changing goals of its students. Initially, students were around 40-45 years old, and aimed to improve general literacy. Around 2000, a shift occurred with younger students seeking to earn their GED. Helping students achieve this became a significant part of the Family Literacy Center's mission.

In 1992, they introduced Parents and Children Together (P.A.C.T.) for families. The Child Tutoring program in 1999 aimed to support kids early to prevent later struggles. Programs like Kindergarten Readiness and Playgroups were created to assist parents in supporting their children's education.


In 1996, the organization changed its name to the Family Literacy Center. They strengthened community connections by partnering with Thumb Works, the Lapeer District Library, and Mott College. In 2014, they collaborated with the Lapeer County Community of Mental Health.

Collaborating with GST Michigan Works expanded their reach to neighboring counties like Sanilac, Huron, and Tuscola. In 2018, they launched a GED program in Shiawassee and joined the Jobs for Michigan (JMG) graduates program to provide extra support to students under the age of 24.


In 2012, the Family Literacy Center received the Governor’s Choice Service Award. They earned the Gold Seal of Transparency Award for three years.

To fund our programming, we organize events like the Camel Race which started in 1998. During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, we ran the HundredX campaign for support and have continued to do so. Grounded in the values of support, empowerment, and progress, the Family Literacy Center remains dedicated to its mission: To build skills and enrich lives through literacy in Lapeer County and surrounding areas, thanks to the enduring support of long-term partnerships and supporters.

As we look to the future, our mission remains the same, but we use new technology, resources, and training to better serve our community and the surrounding areas. If you would like to join our mission as a volunteer or as a supporter, please click the support us to find out how. 

Community Partnerships & Collaborators
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