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The Family Literacy Center can help YOU earn your GED!  Students complete an intake interview and intake testing before being matched with a trained tutor.  Once you have been matched with a tutor you will start working on your specific areas in need of improvement.  Contact the office to get more information or make an appointment.  We also have tutors working in GST MI Works! offices in Lapeer, Sandusky, Caro, Bad Axe, and Owosso. 

Check out the GED check list for more information.


How much will this cost me?  There is no cost for our tutoring services.  Students in our program can take GED Ready practice tests for free when ready.  Additionally, students can get vouchers from the State of Michigan to pay for individual GED tests.  We will help with this process.  We are supported through individual donations, community partnerships, and grants. 

For more information, call 810-664-2737 or email

Adult Program Partners
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